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Liberty Server - Liberty Online

Liberty Online enables the migration of mainframe CICS applications to the Microsoft Windows, .NET and Azure Cloud platforms. Liberty Online is built on modern technologies specifically architected to maintain the characteristics of the mainframe while exploiting the advantages and flexibility of Microsoft based environments. Rich CICS functions are carried forward with zero-to-minimal changes to the program application code.

A fundamental capability of Liberty Online is to help you evolve your CICS applications to leverage Microsoft technologies. Imagine what you can do by connecting the legacy information once housed on your mainframe with today’s new technologies, such as Tablets with the use of Windows 8, Silverlight or HTML 5!

Maximum level of accessibility
  CICS Executive is built with WCF Services to allow the maximum level of accessibility to and from the CICS Executive. No other CICS solution has this capability.
Maximum reach and rich user capability
  PF keys and CICS Commands remain available
Maximum data accessibility options
  Support for SQL Server and SQL Azure
Native and SQL options
  Ability to transition VSAM data from Native to blended
Maximum reach and rich user capability
  BMS maintains end user interface accessed through a Silverlight client

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