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Liberty Server Integrated Solution - Financial Realities

With Liberty Server Integrated Solution, your financial benefits are substantial and significant. Typical monthly savings for our customers exceed 50%! Take this simple test:

Add up all of your monthly IBM and 3rd party software, hardware lease, and maintenance costs. For a typical 170 MIPS user, it might look something like this:

Monthly IBM zOS and IBM program product costs: $35,775
Monthly 3rd party software costs: $14,310
Monthly zSeries hardware lease: $11,625
Monthly zSeries hardware maintenance: $2,105

Now let’s suppose Liberty Server could cut that cost in half

For this actual customer the savings were actually greater than that! Imagine how those saved budget dollars could be deployed elsewhere in your data center. Likely, those dollars could be better utilized somewhere to create a meaningful impact to the productivity of your organization--or simply enjoyed as a cost savings in line with the demands of these economic times.

These are the kind of real savings T3T is providing to our customers today!
Can you afford not to take a serious look at Liberty Server?

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