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Liberty Server - tTime Job Scheduler

Batch Scheduler for COBOL Programs Running on Windows

Migrating mainframe workloads to a Windows environment brings enormous benefits and advantages to your organization. Now you can rely on one more benefit by implementing T3T Software’s new tTime Job Scheduler, a job scheduler for batch workloads bringing you the robustness of a mainframe solution, but at a Windows price.

T3T Software has spent 20 years in the mainframe space learning and understanding the needs of small and mid-sized data centers. T3T Software stands committed to making mainframe migrations to the Windows platform affordable, fast and without risk. Our newest product, tTime Job Scheduler, is an interface to allow the open source SOS Job Scheduler to run in a COBOL environment running on a Windows or .NET framework. tTime Job Scheduler allows you to retain the features and functionality you have come to expect for your mission critical workloads while keeping costs low. As an optional feature exclusively available on Liberty Server, tTime Job Scheduler seamlessly integrates Job Scheduler with the award winning Liberty Server benefiting anyone running batch workloads.

About tTime Job Scheduler

With tTime you get all of the benefits and features of Job Scheduler integrated into Liberty Server. It offers all the batch features and functionality that mainframe users have come to demand as well as more modern features such as web interoperability and GUI interfaces.

Imagine having mainframe quality job scheduling abilities for Mission Critical batch workloads running on Windows...

Benefits of tTime Job Scheduler

  • Provides support for simple programs and scripts to very sophisticated scheduling tasks in enterprise environments.
  • Bullet-proof logging of jobs, tasks and optional use of databases to store log files.
  • Wide support of open source and commercial databases.
  • Standardized and customized job schedules.

Features of tTime Job Scheduler

  • Jobs can be executed sequentially or in parallel.
  • Job orders are persistently stored during processing so if a job is stopped and restarted, it will be continued at exactly the point where it was stopped.
  • Hot folders allow for any changes to be implemented during runtime without needing to restart.
  • GUI interfaces allow you to control and manage jobs without knowledge of XML.
  • A command line utility is available for basic administrative tasks.
  • APIs are provided for the implementation of jobs, job scripts and remote processing control.
  • Jobs can be assigned by priority.
  • Notifications about statuses can be automatically sent by e-mail.
  • Job locks prevent two jobs from accessing the same resource at the same time.
  • Remote execution allows for standard jobs to be processed by a Job Scheduler running on a remote computer.
  • Monitoring of primary and backup schedulers allows for seamless backup, availability and failover processing.
  • Clusters of schedulers allow for load balancing for faster processing with a high volume of data.
  • Sanity checks, restart capability and restoration of database connections included for system robustness.
  • Job Scheduler can be used to execute jobs that include SQL statements, calls to stored procedure, etc. in supported databases.

Example of a tTime Job Scheduler Web Console Screen

Download the tTime Job Scheduler datasheet

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